If you're anything like us, you get tired of installing Wordpress over and over again for all of the separate website you own. You download the latest package from the Wordpress website, unzip it and upload it to your server via FTP, then run the install script. A better way to do this (for some) is to sign into your server via SSH, then pretty much run everything from there. We'll show you how to instead install Wordpress via SSH in Terminal for Mac (although it may work in other programs on other platforms).

Login to your server via SSH

This depends on what kind of setup you have, but in most cases you'll just need to type the following into Terminal on you Mac:


If your username for your account is echoweb, for instance, and your domain is EchoWeb.com.au, then you'll want to type:

ssh echoweb@echoweb.com.au

You'll then be prompted to enter your password. Do so and hit Return.

Need help logging into your server via SSH?

Change directory to website root

Locate the directory you want to install Wordpress to:

cd mywebsite/public_html

This will be in the publicly accessible part of your server, usually in the part that comes after the ".com" when you go to your website. Until your website is finished you might want to put this in a sub-directory, perhaps mywebsite/public_html/new/, to help prevent the public from seeing it too soon.

Download Wordpress

Get the latest version of Wordpress from wordpress.org, and unzip it straight to your server

wget http://wordpress.org/latest.tar.gz
tar xfz latest.tar.gz

Move files to website's root directory

Move our newly created files back into our root directory, and change to that directory:

cd wordpress/
cp -rpf * ../
cd ../

Delete temporary files

Clean up some space on our server by deleting files we won't need again.

rm -rf ./wordpress/
rm -f latest.tar.gz

Start blogging!

You should now have a fresh new install of the latest version of Wordpress in the directory you chose during Step 2 (mywebsite/public_html in our case). You can now load http://domain.com/ (change with your website url) in your browser and you should see the Wordpress installation screen.

If you're having troubles or you don't see the Wordpress installation screen, contact us and we'll see if we can help you.